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Mobile IV Therapy for Workplace Wellness

Revitalise your team with mobile IV therapy

Our mobile IV therapy transforms standard office routines into an opportunity for workplace wellness.

What makes a good leader in the workplace? There are many qualities, but prioritising the health and wellness of your team should be #1.

Show your employees they’re valued, and set the stage for a more energised, focused and connected workplace.

A SOUL IV mobile IV therapy customer getting expert advice from an vitamin infusion nurse at their workplace

Workplace Wellness

Turn regular team meetings into a revitalising experience with our wellness menu

Vitamin Cocktails

Our expertly formulated vitamin cocktails include vitamins, minerals and amino acids for all wellness needs.

Vitamin Add-ons

Add our vitamins, minerals and amino acids to one of our cocktails, or build your own with our expert advice.

Intramuscular Shots

Our IV injections deliver essential nutrients directly to your system, perfect for those on the go.


NAD+ is a vital molecule found in every cell of your body and a standout IV therapy service.

Vitamin Infusions

How our hassle-free workplace wellness team visits work

Whether it's for recurring wellness days or a one-off energy boost for that big project, weโ€™ll fit right into your 9-5. Our services are flexible enough to fit into any corporate schedule and our skilled professionals ensure minimal disruption to your workday.

Part 2: Welcome us to your workplace

Our professional team arrives at your workplace with all the necessary equipment. We set up a comfortable, safe space for the IV therapy session without disrupting your office environment.

Part 3: Revitalise & recharge

Employees receive their IV drips in a relaxed setting. Each session lasts about 30-45 minutes, during which your team can unwind, chat or even continue with light work.

Part 4: Receive ongoing support

Post-session, we provide follow-up care tips and are available to answer any queries. We can also help plan regular IV therapy sessions to maintain and boost workplace wellness continuously.

Create a healthier, more vibrant office environment with each and every session.

Our registered Infusion Nurses will come to you with IV vitamins, minerals, intramuscular shots and amino acids.

Or call our Customer Experience team at 1300 467 685

IV Wellness

Learn more about vitamin infusions

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