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Mobile IV Therapy at your Airbnb

Mobile IV therapy in your Airbnb

Bounce back from long flights, active days and nights out.

Holidays are a time to unwind, explore and have fun.

Mobile IV therapy allows you to ensure every moment of your short stay is filled with serenity and vitality. Whether you’re lounging in an Airbnb or settled in a temporary rental, we bring our bespoke vitamin infusion services straight to you.

SOUL IV vitamin infusion Melbourne customers relax during their IV wellness infusion Airbnb

Mobile IV Therapy for Health and Wellness

Experience personalised wellness on your holiday with our mobile IV therapy

Quick recovery

Rehydrate and replenish after long flights, active days and nights out with specialised IV drips.

Boost energy

Keep your energy levels high for exploring and enjoying your destination to the fullest.

Enhanced health

Boost your immune system and overall well-being, making the most of your time away from home.

Mobile IV Therapy

Let us bring wellness to you, so you can focus on making unforgettable memories

Vitamin Cocktails

Our expertly formulated vitamin cocktails include vitamins, minerals and amino acids for all wellness needs.

Vitamin Add-ons

Add our vitamins, minerals and amino acids to one of our cocktails, or build your own with our expert advice.

Intramuscular Shots

Our IV injections deliver essential nutrients directly to your system, perfect for those on the go.


NAD+ is a vital molecule found in every cell of your body and a standout IV therapy service.

Drip IV Wellness Infusion Services

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IV Wellness

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