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Intramuscular shots at home

Intramuscular shots for quick & effective wellness

In a world ruled by busy schedules, our IV injections deliver essential nutrients directly to your system, perfect for those on the go.

Experience the swift and powerful benefits of SOUL IV’s intramuscular injections.

Even better: You don’t have to leave your front door; we come to you at home, at your workplace, in your hotel room, and even to your Airbnb/short-stay accommodation.

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A quick and efficient way to boost your health

Unlike traditional supplements, our intramuscular injections bypass the digestive system, delivering nutrients directly into your bloodstream. It's like getting a direct line to wellness.


For those always on the move, intramuscular shots are a game-changer. They’re quick to administer, meaning you can get back to your day with minimal interruption.

Pin-pointed effectiveness

Each shot is a concentrated dose of goodness. Whether it’s a burst of energy, a mental clarity boost or an immune system support, these shots are formulated to target your specific health needs.

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Our intramuscular injections menu - something for everyone

Zen Garden

The CYF shot for tranquility when life’s volume needs turning down. Among the hustle of deadlines and family duties, it’s your pocket-sized zen garden, bringing a moment of peace and mental serenity to your hectic day.

Brain Boost

Think of this BF shot as your mental espresso shot. When your brain’s juggling a thousand thoughts and you need to stay sharp, it gives you that clarity and concentration boost to tackle your to-do list with gusto.

Immunity Plus

The EB shot is like a personal bodyguard against germs and sniffles. As you navigate crowded commutes and packed schedules, it bolsters your defences, keeping you healthy and active.

Stamina Surge

This GB shot is for the non-stop days. When your calendar is a marathon and you need to keep up, the energy surge powers you through meetings, workouts and everything in between.

Cell Guard

The ALA shot is your cellular body armour. In a world where every day is a hustle, Cell Guard steps in to protect and energise at a cellular level, ensuring you’re ready for whatever life throws your way.

Glow Up

This biotin shot is your beauty ally on the go. For the days when stress and schedules take a toll on your appearance, it’s there to ensure your hair shines, your skin glows, and your nails stay strong.

Muscle Mend

For the fitness-conscious in the fast lane, this BCAA shot is like a recovery coach in a syringe. Post-gym or in between errands, it supports your muscles, helping you stay fit and ready for action.

NAD+ Booster Shot (100mg)

This coenzyme not only boosts metabolism but also amplifies endurance and cognitive function, optimizing your performance. Trust NAD+ to be your secret weapon for unparalleled energy and performance!


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Expect an immediate, effective wellness boost with our intramuscular shots.

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