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Frequently Asked Questions:

01. Who can have IV vitamin infusions?
You must be 18 years old to consent to any IV vitamin infusion.

At this stage, we are not treating palliative patients.

For any clients who have complex medical backgrounds, including cancer, fluid retention, kidney or liver failure, please seek medical advice from your treating doctor before making an appointment with our team.

Please contact our Customer Experience team at 1300 GO SOUL or email for further information.
02. Who administers your IV Infusion treatment?
You'll be cared for by our expert Infusion Nurses who's first priority is your comfort, health and wellbeing.

All IV infusions are administered by SOUL IV's highly experienced Infusion Nurses who are registered with AHPRA.

Our Infusion Nurses will talk to you on the day of your appointment and provide expert recommendations on which vitamin infusions suit your needs best.
03. How will I know which IV vitamin infusion is right for me?
IV vitamin therapy is suited to all those willing to optimise their health and maximise their potential when it comes to both personal and professional lifestyle goals.

IV infusion therapy may benefit people who suffer from nutrient deficiencies, gut absorption issues or chronic illness and can potentially help with the recovery process after feeling run down.

Please note: your Infusion Nurse will provide you with expert recommendations and advice at the time of you Infusion appointment - you don't need to select which vitamins you would like pre-appointment.

For a free 15-minute consultation with an Infusion Nurse, please call 1300 GO SOUL.
04. What is the cost of an IV infusion?
Our vitamin infusion treatments range between $250 to $600, and our NAD+ treatments are between $700-$1500. Our vitamin booster shot services range from $40 to $100.

You can find more information in Our Wellness Menu, available here.

Please contact our Customer Experience team at 1300 GO SOUL or email for further information.
05. How often should I have an infusion?
Depending on your personal lifestyle, it can vary with every individual depending on how run down or depleted they are.

IV vitamin infusions can last between 6-8 weeks, however some individuals with a busier lifestyle are known to use IV vitamin Infusions every month.

Please note: our expert Infusion Nurses will give you a customised treatment plan at your infusion appointment, including recommendations on how often you should get an IV infusion, and what that will include based on your needs.

Please contact our Customer Experience team at 1300 GO SOUL or email for further information.