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Customer Name: Matt
Occupation: Warehouse Manager

Recovery is as important as your workout for optimising and maintaining your physical fitness.

We can’t always get the nutrients we need for this from diet alone, which is where vitamin infusions from SOUL IV come in for Matt.

Matt talks about his experiences with vitamin infusion& IV drip

Staying Healthier for Longer

“I’ve been into lifting weights and going to the gym since I was 17, and as I’ve gotten older, the gym has turned into help living in a healthy manner, and exercise is just one aspect of how to optimise your health for longevity and your mental health.” 

When we asked Matt what his infusions of choice are, he answered, “I take the B Complex vitamins for energy, and I like to take vitamin D.”

B complex vitamins are absolutely essential for cellular energy production, including supporting the health of your mitochondria. These produce almost all of your energy, but their counts and functioning decline with age, so mitochondrial damage is seen as an underlying hallmark of aging. Deficiencies in the nutrients that your mitochondria need to produce energy speeds up this aging as they cannot complete their usual processes.

For example, vitamin B6 works with iron to produce haeme, which all of your cells need for mitochondrial health (not just red blood cells!). A biotin (vitamin B7) deficiency can halve the amount of haeme in other cells and contribute to cellular aging, too. Vitamins B2 and B5 are used in cellular energy production pathways. These are the reasons why we at Soul IV sell our B vitamins as a combination: everything works together, and relies on each other.

Vitamin B12 is another crucial addition to our B vitamin infusions. It’s responsible for red blood cell formation and preventing the buildup of homocysteine, an inflammatory substance that can cause oxidative stress and related issues if unaddressed.

Complement Your Health with Vitamin Infusions

Matt sees vitamin infusions as add-ons to an overall healthy diet and lifestyle.

“Vitamin infusions are a great way to optimise your health, think clearly, have more energy, live better, treat your family better, and chase your goals in a healthy way. These IV drips are also a great way to consume more nutrients; it’s very hard actually to eat everything that you need throughout the day.”

Sometimes, you can still have a nutrient deficiency even if you get enough of it through food.  Many, if not most, cases of vitamin B12 deficiency in the US are caused by absorption problems in the digestive system.

But when you can resolve deficiencies, “In the sense that if you give your body what it needs through supplementation, it’s going to respond better. You’re going to be able to build more discipline and push harder. If you want to build muscle or if you want to get somewhere with sports, whether it be swimming, dancing, MMA, etc., then you need to give your body what it needs.”

The vitamin D that Matt adds to his infusion services could have benefits in sports medicine, too. Multiple studies show improved handgrip strength and other gains in older adults, such as total muscle strength. Vitamin D’s benefits in building bone tissue may be part of this if they make you feel safe enough to exercise vigorously.

Finally, Matt shares the most common reason to get vitamin infusions, “I want to be the best version of myself, and I know I can’t do that with just nutrition. I try and eat my best, but it’s a full-time thing if you want to get it just from food.” 

We all need a helping hand at one point, so why not make it a proactive hand able to benefit your overall, long-term health?

Thank you to Matt for sharing your story!

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