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Customer Name: Danny
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Our “why” at Soul IV is to help people live healthier for longer. Your body is your gateway to the world and all it has to offer.

Today, we’ll look at Danny’s story to see how vitamin infusions can help us achieve to our full potential and maintain what we’ve built.

Danny talks about his experiences with vitamin infusion & IV drip

A Born Entrepreneur

Danny says, “I left school at 15 and fell on my feet – school was holding me back. I started a few small businesses, and when I was in my mid-20s, I was given an opportunity to start my first company.

A lot of people would accuse me of being a workaholic. I’m not; I just love to build.

I currently own 12 businesses, including a truck-building firm and four gyms, and I’m just about to build the biggest gym in Australia – three levels and 250 car parks, which will allow me to get to about 10,000 members.”

We’ve got to say – WOW, that’s an impressive list of achievements! 

Firing Up Your Cellular Engines

But how does Danny maintain this level of activity?

“I’m up at 3-3.30am every morning, and I was curious about getting the NAD+ infusion for energy. I push myself hard, and I need to ensure that I’m backing up my health with great food, regular exercise and these IV drip infusions.”

NAD+ is a derivative of vitamin B3. It is critical for cellular energy production, but unfortunately, its levels decline with age. This is part of why aging features a loss of strength, cognitive function, immunity, and everything else, but only true vitamin B3 can be absorbed orally. NAD+ infusions can help sustain your body’s repair processes and keep things running efficiently in the long term.

Other ingredients, such as taurine, work with NAD+ in a complex symphony. Taurine allows several enzymes that respond to NAD+ to function, so NAD+ alone may not be effective. It’s important to remember that although humans can produce their own taurine, our diets (and supplementation) must provide the vast majority of the nutrients. Taurine also helps our bodies use branched-chain amino acids for energy, which provide efficient fuel for our muscles.

Does Regular Use Make Infusions More Effective?

When we asked Danny if he prefers regular use over an as-needed approach, he said, “Yes, fortnightly…I’ve been to six countries this year and run all my businesses. The only time I’ve got a cold is when I stop getting vitamin infusions. I do take the supplements each day, but I figure, again, this is even better having a drip straight into you.

SOUL IV customer Danny talks about his experiences with vitamin infusion Melbourne and IV drip at home

The Myers Cocktail I like, and the NAD+. I’ve read Dr David Sinclair’s book, Lifespan, and I’d like to try NAD+ more.”

Immunity is about more than just vitamin C and zinc (which we offer too), as B vitamins are critical for immune cells’ energy production and, therefore, the ability to function at all.

The Myers Cocktail is a blend of calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin C, with extra B12 added. An early study compared the Myers Cocktail’s effects on randomly chosen patients to a placebo. While the placebo showed no effect at all, the Myers Cocktail demonstrated an increase in a marker of cellular energy production – but only if it was low. There was a decrease if it was already high, which may mean you only benefit from the cocktail if you need it, or it allowed for greater use of energy.

At SOUL IV, we typically see people who are either run down from a hectic lifestyle or health problems, so our usual clients are in need.

Thank you to Danny for sharing your story!

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