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Mobile IV Drip Wollongong

Wollongong, say hello to wellness on your doorstep in 2024.

SOUL IV is changing the wellness game in Wollongong, very soon bringing IV drip therapy right where you shine best—your space.

Whether it’s a vitamin boost, energy kick or immune support, our tailored IV treatments are all about you, minus the hassle.

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Vitamin Infusion Wollongong

Why our clients choose us again and again

Boost wellness

Support overall health, enhance energy levels, improve immunity, and aid detoxification.

Faster absorption

IV vitamins are quickly absorbed by the body compared to oral vitamin brands.

Convenient + safe

Our Infusion Nurses will come to you at your convenience and provide expert recommendations.

Personalised care

Our team ensures that each therapy is tailored to meet your unique wellness needs.

Drip IV Wollongong

Choose from our top-tier IV vitamin therapy products

Or, our registered Infusion Nurses can provide customised treatment recommendations at your mobile infusion appointment to suit your individual needs.

Vitamin Cocktails

Our expertly formulated vitamin cocktails include vitamins, minerals and amino acids for all wellness needs.

Vitamin Add-ons

Add our vitamins, minerals and amino acids to one of our cocktails, or build your own with our expert advice.

Intramuscular Shots

Our IV injections deliver essential nutrients directly to your system, perfect for those on the go.


NAD+ is a vital molecule found in every cell of your body and a standout IV therapy service.

IV Therapy Wollongong

Partner with SOUL IV

Forge a partnership with SOUL IV to help boost Wollongong’s well-being and build new pathways for your business. Whether you’re a health clinic or a spa, join us in revolutionising wellness.

Infusion Nurse Wollongong

Infusion Nurse Superheroes Wanted

Be a part of Wollongong’s wellness transformation with SOUL IV. We’re seeking passionate infusion nurses ready to make a difference. Join us and redefine wellness delivery, one drip at a time.

Vitamin Infusion Wollongong

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