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Benefits of NAD+ Infusion Therapy: The Miracle Molecule

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Benefits of NAD+ Infusion Therapy: The Miracle Molecule

News of the “miracle molecule” supplement seems to be everywhere, but what is it, and why do we at SOUL IV include it in our IV infusions?

Even most casual followers of progress in the anti-aging field would have heard about NAD+ by now.

What is NAD+?

NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It’s a derivative of vitamin B3, and it plays an essential role in cellular energy production. Without NAD+, the process that generates over 90% of your energy cannot happen. As you cannot absorb NAD+ orally, your options are either to take an oral supplement of vitamin B3, an intermediate derivative, or IV NAD+ infusion therapy.

What Does it do?

NAD+ has a wide range of potential benefits that, until recently, were left undiscovered. In short, it may:

  • Deliver an energy kick: Imagine your cells getting a pep talk, boosting their energy production.
  • Allow you to age gracefully: It’s like a time machine for your cells, supporting them to age a bit more slowly.
  • Administer brain power: Gives your brain a clarity boost, making those “where did I put my keys?” moments less frequent.
  • Facilitate detoxification: Helps your body in its natural spring-cleaning process, getting rid of environmental toxins and metabolic wastes at a cellular level.

Could NAD+ Have Anti-Aging Properties?

NAD+ may provide general health benefits that address age-related physical decline and dysfunction. A study of middle-aged and older volunteers found considerable increases in cellular energy production, blood pressure, and blood vessel function after six weeks of nicotinamide riboside (NR) supplementation. NR is an intermediate step between vitamin B3 and NAD+ that you can absorb orally. Although these weren’t large enough to be seen as “significant” (almost definitely caused by the treatment), six weeks may be too short to see the reversal of age-related issues that spent decades progressing. Additionally, NAD+ is not the only substance used in energy production, which is why we don’t often use it alone.

Another human trial had interesting findings that could point to an anti-aging effect. Middle-aged adults taking nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), another intermediate step from B3 to NAD+, showed significant improvements in the six-minute walk test. This is a popular measure of walking speed used in aging research. Curiously, the placebo group had a significant rise in biological age over the two-month study period, while the NMN-treated participants did not. This appeared strange, but the trial was run in 2021, when certain global events were causing tremendous stress to most of us (and stress temporarily raises biological age). It’s possible that boosting NAD+ levels could support physical resistance to stress.

Cognition & Brain Power

Your brain is the most energy-demanding part of your body, so the energy-boosting benefits of NAD+ infusion therapy may also support healthy cognition. A lab study found that NAD+ prevented cognitive decline in rats by protecting the mitochondria, your cells’ energy powerhouses. This led to less inflammation and oxidative stress that would otherwise damage brain cells. Human studies are necessary to confirm these benefits, but they may point to an effect against age-related cognitive dysfunction.

Female Fertility

Today, an increasing number of women are putting off having a baby (or two, or three!) until their 30s and often 40s. As all of the eggs you will ever have developed months before you are even born yourself, ovarian reserves cannot replenish themselves. We may, however, be able to support egg quality in the ovaries to prolong fertility and avoid or shorten IVF treatment times.

A lab study on older mice tested oral NMN, which may have similar benefits to IV NAD+. Treated mice had better egg quality, higher ovulation rates, and during IVF procedures, they had higher success rates. If these benefits eventually translate to humans, this could lead to shorter IVF journeys and less heartache for would-be parents.

Overall, research favouring NAD+ is growing, which is why we feature it in our range of SOUL IV infusions.

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