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Reasons Why People Choose to get an IV Drip at Home

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Reasons Why People Choose to get an IV Drip at Home

You may think of intravenous therapies as something you have to get in a hospital or medical clinic. But did you know that home IV drip therapy is an option, and can even be a social occasion?

Here, we’ll cover the reasons why we come to you, and why clients’ homes is on our list of locations.

1. When People Choose an IV Drip at Home

The top reason why people choose to have an IV drip at home is time. It’s more convenient for you when you don’t have to drive, and our mobile services are perfect for our modern world’s flexible lifestyle.

Some clients prefer to receive an infusion while they work from home, sometimes even on Zoom calls! We often see this with those requesting infusions for an energy lift, as their schedules are hectic, but they know that self-care is a must.

Take a look at our case study of Danny, who uses NAD+ infusions to maintain his youthful energy levels.

If you want an intramuscular shot, home visits may sound even more convenient. It takes less than a minute to receive an injection, but driving all the way to a clinic and waiting for your consultation may take a couple of hours. Stress can make discussing your options harder when you have a mountain of other commitments, too.

Others decide on home infusions because they’re recovering from an illness or want a boost to reduce their chance of getting sick. A trip to a clinic or medi-spa seems way less appealing when you’re already feeling run down. It could be even worse if you care for others in a personal or professional capacity and don’t want to catch anything that could be passed on.

2. When You Need Vitamin Infusions at Home

Sometimes, people need to have an IV drip at home because travelling is too difficult. If you’re really fatigued and an iron infusion, Myers cocktail, or other energy booster will likely benefit you, the best self-care practice may be to rest at home while we treat you.

We can administer iron infusions if it’s confirmed to be medically necessary, saving you time and your already-low batteries.

Another reason why clients may need our mobile service is fear or anxiety around needles and all things medical. Home is more comforting and familiar than a doctor’s office so it can take the edge off. It’s even better when you have social anxiety around others, seeing you stressed out – no one has to know! SOUL IV lets you enjoy total privacy.

3. IV Vitamin Infusions Can be a Social Event

You played hard together; now it’s time to recover hard!

SOUL IV can take group bookings of up to 20 people in any location where we can provide our services.

Recovering from a bachelor or hen’s party, holiday, or trip to an event such as a music festival can be made much smoother with an IV drip at home.

You and your friends or family can start feeling rejuvenated in minutes – no more crawling to the kitchen for a glass of water that may skim the very top off of your hangover symptoms.

Better yet, you can book our services to prepare for an event. Weddings, short getaways, and either attending or working at special events can require a lot of energy, so infusions including B vitamins and antioxidants may keep the pep in your step going.

However, our “pre-game” nutrient infusions don’t just include those you might want at short notice. Vitamin C, glutathione, zinc, and biotin infusions or shots we use for beauty therapy can help anyone from wedding parties to performance groups prepare over the longer term.

How Having an IV Drip at Home Works

As we bring all of our equipment and products to clients booking an IV drip at home, our pre-session consultation is essential.

Our wellness experts will help you choose the right infusion or combination of vitamins and other nutrients so we can bring exactly what we need.

Next, you get to choose when we visit. For example, if you’re hungover, you may not want a visit that’s too early so a midday session could be best. If you’re going to work in the morning, you may prefer an early morning or evening appointment.

Whenever our Infusion Nurses arrive, they will have everything prepared, including a smile! We stay with you during the entire process and can bring anti-nausea medication if necessary.

Afterwards, we provide advice for you to continue your wellness journey and post-treatment care instructions and are able to take your call if you have questions later.

We provide the option for an IV drip at home alongside a range of other settings for our clients.

If this sounds right for you, click here to book an appointment or learn more about what may benefit you.


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