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Customer Name: Fraser
Occupation: Carpenter and Builder

We’d like to share a story from Fraser, a carpenter and builder who tells us, “I run my own business with 27 guys who work for me…we’ve got so much work at the moment that we can’t keep up.”

Fraser talks about his experiences with vitamin infusion & IV drip

Where It All Began

After learning about tourists in Bali and Thailand using vitamin infusions to recover from hangovers, Fraser says:

“The more I looked into it, the more I found all the health and wellness benefits from it. It took me a couple of sessions, but I could feel how much my energy had increased for life and for my job, which is very physically demanding.” 

Research suggests that some ingredients in our infusions may boost energy, including NAD+. This is a derivative of vitamin B3 critical for cellular energy production. As only “regular” vitamin B3 seems to be effectively absorbed as an oral supplement, NAD+ infusions can deliver the final product to your bloodstream intact. Levels of NAD+ decline as part of aging and may lead to many age-related issues, such as fatigue and loss of muscle mass and strength.

“During a work day, there are hours and hours that I forget to drink water, and I could always feel a “low” in my energy levels as a result. 

After starting regular vitamin infusions, that all went away.”

In fact, regular infusions may have benefits that accumulate over time. Another popular ingredient, glutathione, appears to have powerful protective benefits as an antioxidant. Studies demonstrate that glutathione given as an infusion could be more effective at preventing oxidative stress than N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). NAC is used by your body to produce glutathione, which you cannot absorb as an oral supplement. Over time, oxidative stress can increase tissue damage throughout your body, leading to poorer overall health. This typically appears as fatigue, too, because your body must devote more energy to attempts at repairing the effects of oxidative damage.

A Long-Term Boost

Although some ingredients have short periods of function in the body, others have more sustained effects.

You know how you get that two o’clock lull at work when you’re just drained? Having vitamin infusions meant I had the energy to go and go…to keep going for the additional hours was definitely beneficial.”

One potential inclusion with more long-term benefits is vitamin B12. It plays an essential role in red blood cell production, which carries oxygen around the body. Each red blood cell lasts for four months, a short time due to its makeup, but this also means that you may have to wait a few weeks or months to see the benefits of new, healthier red cells. 

Many ingredients we provide as options for our infusions can improve energy levels. Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, biotin (B8), and folate (B9) are essential for energy production at different steps in its pathways. Folate and vitamin B6 are the other two B vitamins used in red blood cell production, while B1 and B5 are used in alcohol detoxification. This is part of the reason why we enjoy great demand from people experiencing hangovers. Although we often call our products “vitamin” infusions, magnesium is another popular ingredient, and its role in cellular energy generation is to ferry around the molecule that carries energy.

When asked about our additional products for future use, Fraser answered, “Your Brain Boost shot. I’ve had that three or four times, and I reckon it was unreal. I felt like I was dialled into what I was doing, improving my concentration.”

We at SOUL IV would like to thank Fraser for sharing his success story.

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